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I like recycling. It may not work for some people, but for me it's a start.

I remember being told that one person CAN make a difference, This is my attempt.

GOING GREEN, is a slow process for me, but I'm trying.

These are only some of the items I've made using LEDs or by up-cycling. I've put LED's in many different things and am only now wishing I'd taken pictures when I first started. But at least here you can see a little bit of what can be done. I've had many people ask me to make regular lamps. You can see the results below and these are just some of the ones I have made.

Some of the advantages of using LED's are they last a VERY LONG TIME. Some places have them listed as lasting for years and years. I honestly don't know but I have NEVER had an item returned. Another advantage is that LED's produce almost NO HEAT. You could even hold an LED in your hand WHILE IT'S ON and not get burned, and even AFTER it's been on for hours and hours you STILL will not get hurt. They also use far, FAR less energy compared to a regular incandescent light bulb, and YES, they even use less than a florescent bulb too.

If you have ANY questions, Ask Me, (Dan)


Nothing is too big or small for me to consider. I actually like a good challenge. So if you have an idea and would like to see if I can do it, PLEASE let me know. I also take orders via email..

Crown Royal Lamps with LEDs

Patron Tequila Pool Table Light

Patron Pool Table Light150 up

This is the very basic model. The Frame, and Platform are black in a matte finish. Even with a matte finish you can there's a large amount of light being reflected down below.


Crown Royal Chandelier

Crown Royal Chandelier150 Up

Simple Light Bottles made with Led's. Patron LED Bottles20

Inexpensive Beer Bottle Chandeliere

Inexpensive Beer Bottle Chandeliere

I've heard that along with Soaps, sanitizer and lotions, people have used them for ketchup, mustard, and even BBQ sauce. I've gotten emails from people who've asked about :

- no chunk hot sauce like Tabasco, Cholula and Tapatio
- Soy Sauce
- Steak sauces
- Syrup
- Honey

- some lighter salad dressings and even Vegetable / Olive oils.

I've wondered about chocolate syrup or sno-cone syrup, but not tried it for myself (YET)

Now drink mixers would of course go great on someones bar or restaurants with these.

I see it as you're only limited by your imagination with the uses of these re-purposed / Recycled (or up-cycled) dispensers.

Included below are just a a few of the hand soaps that make them WANT TO WASH their hands, and Sanitizer in a UNIQUE dispenser that will get used.

Patron Bottles Repurposed and filled with Hand Lotion, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, and Hair Jell. This MAKES HIM want to wash his hands !15 & 20

Grey Goose Tumblers50 set

I've heard them called several different things by people all over this GREAT Country of Ours. I call them

The 99% Sophisticated Beverage Collection.

99%ers Largest Large Medium Small

Cheese Trays / Cheese Boards. I've heard them called both. This is another use for the bottles that were at one time full of conversations and good times. It's a good way to keep the conversations flowing with Friends and Family.

Move your mouse over then next four images and you will see what they can look like without cheese and crackers.

Absolut Cheese Tray20

Not only can they be used for social gatherings, but they can ALSO be hung on your wall, almost flat as a pancake.

Belvedere Cheese Tray20

Some can even be used as candy dishes, or for peanuts if you have a home bar.

Hpnotiq Cheese Tray20

This can be done with almost any bottle.

Belvedere Cheese Tray20

Reuse Recycle Repurpose

Lamps: The next few images below were once FULL. They've now been made into FUNCTIONAL and interesting conversation pieces.

Crown Royal Lamps with LED's 25-35

Crown Royal Lamp20-35

I used different Lamp shades because I wanted to see what it looked like.

Belvedere Lamp20-35

Some work for me and some don't.

When these ship, I DO NOT include a shade. Not only does this mean I think you have better taste, but I also DO NOT CHARGE YOU for something you may not like.

Patron Lamp25-35

If you want one or more these lamps shipped as a gift and you want it to be complete with a shade, we understand and can tell you what shades we have in stock. We can also use marble sized glass inside (optionial) that can add weight and stability to your lamps.

Crown Royal Lamp (small)20-35

The above are just a few of the items I can make for you. I've made one of a kind items from several different things, for several different people. If you have something special to you, or a loved one and thought that maybe adding an LED or a making it into a lamp, might be interesting, let me know. I may want to use pictures of your item for promotional purposes and YOU may get it for FREE.


I have so many different brands of bottles, I might even have the one YOU want. Please feel free to ask, if I don't have it, I can try to get it, OR you can get something made at a DISCOUNT if you want me to use your bottle.

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