There are only 11 places that you could have gotten to this page from. If you email me and tell me HOW you got to this page,
and WHERE you were at to get the information to get here, and it is one of the 11 ways, You can receive one of the options below.

There is a deposit of $15.00 that is required for any Lamps or LED Light Bottles made. If you are here and you request it, you can use
one of the two options below.

#1 - $10.00 Deposit

You leave a small $10.00 deposit, and when the item is picked up the balance is due.

#2 - Bottle Back

This is where you leave a $15.00 deposit, and when you pick up the Lamp, or LED Light Bottle, you give me the same brand, type and size (or larger) bottle and you only pay $10.00 as a balance. This makes the item only $25.00

(If a bottle as described above is not brought in for exchange the balance will be $15.00)


For Referals - If you've been given a referral # or have selected your own referral #, and 5 people buy a Lamp, LED Light Bottle, or Cheese Tray (or a combination of the three mentioned items) using YOUR referal #, you will get a FREE Lamp, LED Light Bottle, or Cheese Tray of current inventory.

Most people use their receipt number as their Referral number. But you can use any number that has not already been taken.


If you have ANY Questions, PLEASE ASK. Dan